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Make money like a Pro

Let me guess.
You could use an extra $1000 right now.
You searched online for ideas, someone convinced you to start a blog or a website.
Then you are working your ass off to generate traffic and building a list.
Still money doesn't seem to roll like you expected.
I have been there and struggled for a long time.
I tried many ideas and strategies, even generated 100's of thousand traffic to the site but couldn't convert that traffic to income.
Fortunately I never gave up.
I started closely observing the affiliate marketing pro's, took many courses from them and it was an eye opener for me.
I learned that I was doing everything wrong.
Affiliate marketing is lot simpler if we understand the fundamentals.
  1. Using the High converting Products - A good product will sell with less effort
  2. Responsive traffic generation - Even the best possible product will convert only when presented to the right people who needs it.
  3. Selling right - Forcing people to buy never works, but educating them why they need it works wonders.
Above all.
Yes, part of my problem was to figure out all the complex techniques and technical stuff I found many people suggesting.
Most of those techniques are distractions and most cases it is not needed.
When I figured all this out, I didn't have to struggle to make money.
All I had to do is keep finding more product offers and start promoting them.
But Roajer...
I know affiliate marketing, we put links in our blog post all the time and still no one seems to buy it.
That is exactly what I was doing too.
Imagine if Amazon starts writing blog post and puts a link to buy a product how many times would you buy?
This is something that differentiates a pro affiliate with the beginner who makes few $100 by throwing a link in the post and waiting for Google to send traffic.

You need to learn to sell

Remember selling is the way of helping your audience to get what they need.
It is like you are new to baking and going to a store to buy things needed to bake a cake.
You probably don't know what to look for and wandering the store for hours trying to figure out.
Suddenly a salesperson reaches to you and offers to help.
He takes you to the baking goods aisle and teaches you about everything you need for baking. Then shows where you can find them.

How do you feel now?

From being overwhelmed to now a baking pro.
You are thankful to this guy because he saved you time and stress.
It is the same process.
When you help your audience to solve their problems and make them winners. It is a win-win for both of you.
They also thank you and become your lifetime customers.

Treat affiliate product as yours

Let's say you are promoting a hosting company as a affiliate.
Imagine that you own that company. How would you promote it then?
Would you write a blog post and leave it for users to buy whenever they want?
You would probably talk about it all the time and use all possible sources and mediums to promote it, right.
Treat every affiliate product same way.
Use all your resources to promote it as if it is your own product.

Leverage tools

I did SEO, use social media and other free traffic sources to promote the affiliate offer.
They all work but it was never consistent and was able to make constant income every month.
But when I added paid traffic and started using right tools.
Things changed.
I am able predict how much I can make each day.
Get in control over the complete sales process and don’t live in the mercy of free traffic sources.
One day facebook changes the algorithm, next day you are back to zero.

Just fo what pro do.

Leverage every possible opportunity to leverage and have consistent income.

Take risks

Always remember this is a business of yours and you need to go all in.
Do whatever it takes to win.
Often that means taking risks.
Sometimes risk taking could be as simple as investing $5 a day in ads.
Worst case you might lose $5 but what if that tiny investment gets a couple of $50 affiliate commission.
Next day you would put $50 right.
What if you never tried with $5 you will never know this option even existed.
So don't hesitate to play around.
Try new things.

Pro are not always right

Keep in mind every business is different. It is the combination of people who work in it and the model they use to make money.
Use the pro tips as an idea and use your style it make it better.
Do not blindly follow but learn from them to accelerate growth.

Pro Affiliate Marketing Course.

Everything you need to become a pro affiliate that could make $100K or more.
In this short, in this course you will learn
Basic of affiliate marketing - Specifically for beginners.
To cover some basics for people who are just starting out.
Sign up to Affiliate networks
Join many profitable affiliate networks. The combination of well reputed affiliate network with a good affiliate manager will make it super easy for you to spot trending products.

Finding profitable products to make money with less effort.

Promoting a $5 product takes equal amount of effort to promote a $50 product.
So why pick a $5 product.
This module would teach you how to find products that has a lot of potential.

High Converting Traffic Sources

We need both free and paid traffic sources to make the campaign effective.
There are sites that are unknown to many people that could generate a ton of traffic.
There are specific modules for free and paid traffic methods to help you succeed.

Advanced List building

Once you spend time to get traffic to your site, you need to capture their emails to remarket them.
These emails become your asset, because you can reach these people for lifetime and continue to promote many products to them.
Building this engaging list is not easy, so we share actionable steps used by pro to collect emails.

Email templates

Along with courses there are many ready to use high converting email templates to use right away.

Bonus Courses

All in-depth courses on the following topics.
The idea is to help you in all aspects of affiliate marketing, so we included full courses on the following topics as well.
  • Amazon Affiliate Course
  • ClickBank Course
  • Youtube Course for Affiliates
  • Facebook ads Course
  • List building Course
  • Free Traffic Generation Course

Bonus Resources and Checklists

Every course has a lot of bonus.
  • Templates
  • Swipe files
  • Resources and tools recommendations
  • Checklists
  • Graphics and videos
  • EBooks.

Who is this course for?
The course covers all aspects of affiliate marketing.
This course if for anyone who wants to make money online.
It would be perfect for.
  • Bloggers
  • People who are interested in passive income
  • Begineer affiliate marketers who make less than $1000 a month
  • For people who are planning to promote their own products

How much does it all cost?

I paid $1000’s on courses to learn the same information.
Many experts still charge $300 to $1000 of $ for exactly same content.
I am offering this entire collection of courses for $29. Only for limited time.
Just to get some initial traction. Once I see the demand, I am planning to increase the price.
You know people think expensive courses value more and at $29 they would not value this course as much.
I see me selling this course at $300 range after sometime.

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Your Instructor

Roajer G
Roajer G


I am Roajer. Sounds as Roger.

For the past 15 years I have been helping others grow online business. I have been working behind many successful giants in the industry.

Finally I decided to pull back the curtain and share my experience directly with you all.

I started a blog 925 Millionaires which helps to share my experience about passive income and investment ideas. Especially for people who are hustling on the side to make extra income.

These are the exact strategies I use continually grow my portfolio consistently.

I am a very practical and goal oriented person, so the information I share are probably super action oriented and required lot of work.

Personally I am also friendly, enjoy trying new things and often geeky.

I am not popular in the online space yet, but soon I am sure I will get to know most of you.

Will keep in touch with you.

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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